Games BRWAG2019

The International Council of Amateur Sport ICAS, together with the  International Sports Exchange Center of the General Administration of Sport, China, together with the Sports Department of Zhejiang Province and with the Government of Wenzhou City, People’s Republic of China, invite you to the international  Belt and Road World Amateur Games, BRWAG 2019, from 13 to 19 October 2019.

The Sports:






We are waiting for more than 1000 participants and guests of the Games, who will serve to develop the international amateur sports movement, strengthen friendly ties between Russia and China and other countries whose representatives will participate in the Games. We are waiting for amateur athletes from many countries: Russia, China, Belarus, Kazakhstan, the Baltic countries, South Korea, Australia, India, Singapore, Germany, the Czech Republic, France, Italy, Peru, Ecuador and other countries.

Preparations for the Games began in January 2018. To date, we have chosen sports, venues and facilities where the Games will be held, developed and approved the regulations of the competition. The Organizing Committee of the Games (OCG) BRWAG 2019 includes representatives of the ICAS, the Wenzhou City Administration, sports federations and organizations participating in the Games. In May 2018 in Turkey, Antalya ICAS held the first Eurasian Amateur Games where more than 1000 athletes and guests participated.

Multi-sports Games BRWAG 2019 will be held as a large International Festival of Sport and Culture. We will hold a festive Games Opening and Closing Ceremonies, excursions to places of interest in Zhejiang Province, other cultural events.


10/13/2019 Start of the check-in ( 13:00) and continuation of the accreditation of participants and guests of the Games. Accreditation starts at 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. in the Olympic Sports Center of Wenzhou city.

10/14/2019 – Continuation of check-in and accreditation of participants and guests of the Games.

9:00 – 17:00 – football (futsal) Olympic Sports Center.

19:00 – 21:00 – Solemn Opening Ceremony of the Games.

10/15/2019 – Start of  all sports  competitions.

9:00 – 17:00 – football (futsal) Olympic Sports Center.

9:00 – 17:00 – tennis, International Tennis Center.

9:00 – 17:00 – table tennis, Olympic Sports Center.

9:00 – 17:00 – swimming, Olympic Sports Center.

9:00 – 17:00 beach volleyball and beach tennis, the bay of Dangtu.

10/16/2019 Continuation of the competition according to the established schedule.

10/17/2019 Continuation of the competition according to the established schedule.

10/18/2019 – The free day (but futsal) for Excursion – Bus Tour.

9:00 – 17:00 football (futsal) Olympic Sports Center.

9:00 – 21:00 – morning: bus excursion to the countryside “Yongjia Nanxi River Senic ”; evening: bus and walking tour of the city of Wenzhou: the ancient shopping streets of Wuma, Nantang, other points of the tour program.

10/19/2019 Continuation of the competition according to the established schedule.

19: 00-21: 00 – Solemn Closing Ceremony of the Games. Awarding the winners of the competition. Olympic Sports Center.

10/20/2019 – Check-out 12:00.

The Games Program may be changed by the decision of the Organizing Committee of the Games.



The official opening date of registration for the Games is scheduled for June 15, 2019. Currently, 350 Russian and international athletes and 200 Chinese athletes have agreed to participate.

1. It is necessary to fill in the sections of the REGISTRATION form and pay on-line to the Organizing Committee the registration fee of $ 120. For team sports (including football), a system of direct application and payment to the Organizing Committee of the Games has been established. From June 15, 2019 all individual Participants can register on-line in the “registration” section on the Games website:

2. After receiving confirmation in electronic form about the Registration for the Games, the participant receives constantly information from the Organizing Committee to his e-mail address.

3. With mandatory accreditation before the start of the Games upon arrival in Wenzhou from 13 to 14 October 2019. in the Registration Center for the Games, each participant receives a “Participant Package”: a name badge with a photo, the Games Info-booklet and a sports backpack with the Games symbols.

4. Completion of registration: September 15, 2019.

5. The Organizing Committee of the Games has set the condition for participation in the Games: each participant and guest of the Festival can take part in the Games if he purchases a Package to stay in Wenzhou during the period of the competition, which includes the following services:
1. meeting and seeing off (transfer) at the airport and at the Wenzhou railway station;
2. Accommodation 8 days / 7 nights from 13.10 to 20.10. 2019 in a hotel with breakfast and dinner;
3. hot meals during the competition at lunch;
4. use of sports facilities and their amenities;
5. transfers from the hotel to the sports facility and back;
6. information and tourist support;
7. Participation in general events of the Games (Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Games) one-day out-of-city bus tour of the sights of the province and Wenzhou.

Airfare, visa, medical insurance are not included in the package price and are paid independently.



From 13.10 on 10/20/2019

Hotels Type                       stay 8 days – 7 nights                                      Price           AVIA

Package №1 А 5*              1 person in a single room                              $ 795         not included
Check in  13:00

Check out 12:00

Package №1 B 5*              1 person in a double room                            $ 520         not included
Check in 13:00

Check out 12:00

Package №2 А 4*            1 person in a single room                                $613            not included
Check in 13:00

Check out 12:00

Package №2 B 4*              1 person in a double room                             $ 350          not included

Check in 13:00
Check out 12:00

Packages are paid at the request (written application) of participants and guests sent to the email address: In the application, you must specify the number of people, data (Name, Last Name, Date of Birth), the selected Package, the number of rooms in the hotel. Accompanying persons, including children, should also be included in this list.

Package payment is carried out in 2 stages:

Stage 1: Payment for the reservation is 20% of the package price. Payment is made by the details specified in the invoice within 5 banking days. After booking the participant receives a confirmation of registration at the Games.

Stage 2: Full payment (80% of the package price) is the difference between the Full package price and the cost of reservation. Full payment is made upon arrival in Wenzhou directly at the reception of the selected hotel before checking in before undergoing the accreditation procedure.

According to the application, an invoice is issued, which indicates the amount of the Full Package price, the Cost of reservation and the Full Payment Amount. Participants and guests who received registration but did not pay for the reservation (20% of the package price) and who arrived in Wenzhou on their own will not be accredited to the Games.

In case of cancellation of the trip within 35 days before the start of the competition, the Organizing Committee of the Games will return the cost of the reservation minus 10% (registration costs of the OCG). In case of cancellation of the trip from 35 days to 25 days before the start of the competition, 50% of the cost of the reservation will be refunded. In case of cancellation of the trip within a period of less than 25 days before the start of the competition, the cost of booking is not refundable. An application for the return of the cost of booking must be sent to the address For all questions regarding the purchase of Packages, including an individual calculation of the cost of increasing the duration of the trip, the children’s living conditions, the transfer of rights to use the Package to third parties in case of refusal of the trip and on other matters, contact:

In the case of shorter stay, the package price does not change.

Registration fee of the competitor is not refundable. The registration fee for participation in competitions is $ 120 per participant in each sport, regardless of the number of ranks or nominations stipulated by the competition regulations for each sport. The registration fee is paid before the start of the competition during the registration of the participant on the Games website

The participant will be registered only after the payment of the registration fee and the Stay Package.



1. Upon arrival at the Games, the competitor must undergo the Accreditation procedure.

2. On Accreditation, each participant must present an identity document, the original of the medical insurance policy and sign an agreement on personal responsibility for health (a Waiver Agreement). Without presenting the above documents, the participant will not be allowed to compete.

3. A participant who fails to attend the Accreditation is not allowed to compete.

4. Address Accreditation: Olympic Sports Center Wenzhou, China, address: 20 Minhang Rd, Lucheng Qu, Wenzhou Shi, Zhejiang Sheng, China, 325027, 浙江省 浙江省 温州 鹿城 区 民航 路 20 号 邮政编码: 325027.

Accreditation Time: 9:00 – 17:00. October 13-14, 2019



To the attention of participants and guests: a visa is required for visiting China. For questions regarding visa advice, please contact


Address and bank details of the International Council of Amateur Sport (ICAS):

OOO “МСЛС”, INN 7751027217, 142191, Russia, Moscow, Troitsk, Rabochaya st. 3A. Account No: 40702810902300006878 in ALPHA-BANK, BIK 044525593, f / c 30101810200000000593, ICAS OCG  tel. +7 (495) 3747058, +7 (916) 0521956,