Wenzhou has a humid subtropical climate with monsoon features. There is no clearly expressed wet and dry season, although precipitation falls much more in summer. It often snows in winter, some winters in Shanghai are especially snowy.

Four seasons are expressed in Wenzhou – a short but relatively cold winter, a short and fast spring, a long and hot summer, and a rather long autumn, which in Wenzhou lasts conditionally until December.

Summer is the peak tourist season, however at this time in Wenzhou it is very stuffy, due to the high humidity. In the fall, it is usually sunny and dry in the city; leaf fall is observed in November.

Weather in October: air temperature varies from + 21 ° C to + 28 ° C and is considered relatively pleasant. For example, in the previous month, the air is warmer by about 4.1 ° C. At night, the temperature in Wenzhou in October drops to + 22 ° C … + 15 ° C. Temperature fluctuations between day and night are 6 ° C. The average water temperature in the sea is +22 +24C.

The city is green enough, it has a lot of natural vegetation. Wenzhou is surrounded by beautiful mountains, in which there are natural  parks and sites, beautiful rivers flow, including the Nancy River. The city has a large river Oujiang. Off the coast there are more than 300 large and small islands, connected by bridges and modern roads. Wenzhou coast itself is a natural landmark. By the sea on the islands there are sandy beaches where you can swim and sunbathe.

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