BRWAG2019 Culture Sport Tourism PHOTO reports

International Amateur Games are not only competitions in many sports. This is a grand fesival, a multicultural event, during which competitions are harmoniously combined with an extensive cultural program.

People come thousands of kilometers from home with their families and friends, not just for sport. Acquaintance with the country and its inhabitants, with historical and cultural attractions, with the nature of the host country of the Games is a very important motivating component of the Games.

Wenzhou City, as the host of the 2019 Amateur Games, has made an excellent tourism program for participants and guests of the competition. One of the excursions was dedicated to the city itself. During the day, traveling on several buses, the athletes visited the historical center of the city, in the coastal area on the largest island of Dangtu, visited the historical museum. On another day between the competitions, the Games went out of town to the historic village of Yongjia County, rafted down the river in the Lion Rock Nature Reserve, took an evening boat ride on the Oujiang River and watched a grand night laser show against the backdrop of the Wenzhou Mountains. Separately, it is worth noting the excellent concert program that the Organizers prepared at the grand opening and closing of the Games. With the participation of leading local radio and television on the stage of one of the best prima halls in the city, a children’s orchestra of folk music, a choreographic ensemble, the troupe of the Wenzhou People’s Theater, and pop artists performed. Thanks to the great work and the talented organization of both sports competitions and the cultural program, the city of Wenzhou, its leadership and residents have earned great appreciation and gratitude from the participants and guests of the Games.