SWIMMING: Competitions in the pool and open water September 2020

From mid-summer 2020 swimming amateurs’ competitions have resumed in Russia. We celebrate the achievements of our athletes who participated in the Games in China 2019.
– Alexander Romanov (Moscow) – SwimCup champion Ruza 08/29/2020, winner of the final stage of the Champions Cup in open water swimming on the rowing channel in Krylatskoe 09/06/2020, Moscow. Igor and Olga Sokolov from Nizhnevartovsk also took part in these competitions.
– Alexander Chukhlebov – participant and winner of “SUPERMASTERS” on October 4, 2020 in the pool of the Central Exhibition Complex “Nevskaya Volna” in St. Petersburg.
– Natalia Vodotyka (Belarus) – champion of the Polesya Cup (Gomel, September 2020),
– Svetlana Lebanova (Yekaterinburg) – champion of open water swimming “Tsarskaya Milya 2020”, Yekaterinburg, September 2020.