Currently, preparations are underway for the WGA 2023 Games. Several countries and cities are under consideration. According to the ICAS approved schedule, the WGA Games are held annually in different countries and include competitions in several sports at the same time (at least 5 sports) with the involvement of the number of participants from 1000 or more people. The World Games of sports enthusiasts are scheduled for 2023 and plan to bring together up to 5000 participants in 20 sports. This concept does not exclude the possibility of preparing and conducting annual competitions in each country, in each host city, or at different intervals in the specified international format, if such a proposal is received from the host.

WGA 2023 games pre-include 8 sports:

  1. fооtball on grass in 8×8 or 7×7 format; futsal 5×4 and micro futsal 4×4 and 3×3; 2. tennis and beach tennis; 3. table tennis; 4. volleyball and beach volleyball; 5. swimming in the pool and swimming in open water; 6. sailing in the format of J70; 7. rowing on boats Dragon; 8. martial arts – wushu, judo.