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The International Council of Amateur Sport  ICAS is an organization established in 2016, whose activities are aimed at the development of international cooperation in the field of mass amateur sports. The founding document of the Organization is the Worldwide Charter for Amateur Sport, signed in Rome on 3 August 2017 – the Roman Charter. The principles of the Charter are the unification of sports amateurs all over the world, the development of mass sports, the strengthening of friendship and mutual understanding between amateur athletes, regardless of age, gender, race, religion or sports status, the development of international relations between sports organizations, the promotion of a healthy lifestyle.

ICAS is a sports company, which includes athletes amateurs and organizers of competitions in the field of mass sports. For the period from 2017 large international competitions were organized, including the FIRST EURASIAN GAMES ICAS, ANTALYA 2018, 04.29-08.05.2018. Sports and participants: 21 football teams, mini-football on the grass format 8Х8, 370 volleyball players (beach volleyball) and 70 tennis players. Total number of participants and guests: 800 people. The number of registered players in all ranks and nominations: 700 people. Country Representation: Russia, Turkey, Armenia, Germany, Belarus, Georgia, Ukraine, France, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland. The number of sports fields used for competitions: Football fields: 2 fields 105×68 , divided into 4 fields under the format 8×8; Tennis courts: 10 courts with artificial turf, 4 courts with ground cover ; Beach volleyball and tennis courts: 25 16×8 courts  sand. The number of game days of competition: 7 days. The total number of personnel involved in the Games: the organizing committee, judges, medical personnel, photo and video operators, volunteers (excluding hotel staff) – 25 people. The hosts at the Games were hotels that provided sports facilities and accommodations of participants and guests with all-inclusive meals, as well as airport-hotel-airport transfer services on a commercial basis. The competition was sponsored by the following companies: VTB Bank, Komus LLC, FomLine LLC, Marvel-Distribution LLC. These companies provided financial support to a number of teams for their participation in the Antalya 2018 Games, as well as technical support in the preparation and conduct of the Games.

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