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The International Council of Amateur  Sport  ICAS was created on the basis of the Worldwide Charter for Amateur Sports, adopted on August 3, 2017 in Rome by representatives of the international sports community.

The Charter is based on a fundamental principle stating that amateur sports, including all forms of physical activity, are necessary for a harmonious person, and the movement of sports lovers should unite those whose philosophy of life exalts and unites in a balanced whole the dignity of the body, will and mind; movement connecting sport with culture and education, striving to create a lifestyle based on the joy of physical activity, educational values ​​and a good example for the next generation, social responsibility and respect for universal ethical principles, promoting the values ​​of a healthy lifestyle in the world community. Despite all the differences in development, amateur sports should be open, promote the creation of communities, the rapprochement of peoples, as well as equality, disinterested competition, solidarity and brotherhood, mutual
understanding, recognizing the dignity of people, fostering respect for themselves and other people.

The main activity of ICAS is related to the preparation and organization of international sports competitions among amateurs of the Olympics type, including various sports. These are big sporting events-festivals uniting athletes amateurs from different countries and gathering hundreds and thousands of participants in one place – World Games for Amateurs – WGA.

Multi-sports Games are of undeniable value on the one hand for sports lovers who combine competition, relaxation, communication. On the other hand, the Games are valuable for host countries and cities: the country’s image is increasing, its tourist attractiveness, there is an increase in revenues to local budgets and incomes of the population during the Games and in subsequent periods with low training costs compared to professional competitions. For the Games, the existing infrastructure and sports facilities are used, athletes independently come to the competitions and pay expenses for accommodation. Games have a serious cultural, economic and socio-political significance.

ICAS currently has a significant information base of amateur competition participants both in Russia and abroad, stable partnerships with relevant sports organizations and sufficient experience in the preparation and organization of multi-sports amateur competitions. ICAS pays special attention to work and interaction with state authorities, since it is the state that is interested in such events and it can ensure the scale and success of the Games.  In 2018 ICAS has signed a cooperation agreement with the International Center for Sports Exchange General Administration of Sports of China and successfully implements a joint program of activities under this Agreement.

The Board of Directors, the governing body of ICAS, includes  representatives of various Russian and international sports organizations, many of whom are leading large sports amateur associations in sports with extensive experience and opportunities for recruiting participants and organizing competitions for sports enthusiasts.


1. 1 Eurasian Amateur Games ICAS were held in Antalya, Turkey from April 29 to May 8, 2018. The games brought together more than 1000 participants and guests from more than 10 countries. Competitions were held in 4 sports: football (8×8), tennis, beach volleyball and beach tennis. Hotel Sueno Hotels Beach, Antalya – football competitions, Club Megasaray tennis center, Antalya – tennis competitions, Club Kastalya, Alanya – beach volleyball and beach tennis competitions. Total number of participants – athletes and guests: 800 people.

2. ICAS Cyprus World Amateur Games – May 01 – May 31, 2019 in Cyprus, under the management of ICAS Cyprus, international amateur games were held in 10 sports simultaneously in 5 cities: Limassol, Paphos, Nicosia, Larnaca, Ayanapa. The competition was attended by more than 1000 amateur athletes.

3. International Amateur Games “Belt and Road” BRWAG 2019. October 13-19, 2019 G. Wenzhou, China. Sports: football, tennis, swimming. 300 participants and guests. The Games program included cultural events: Opening Ceremonies of the Games, Awarding and Closing Ceremonies of the Games, an extensive tourist and excursion program.

Of particular relevance to the 2019 Games in China. gives the national strategic project of the People’s Republic of China “Belt and Road”, which includes the development of economic and cultural ties between the states of the Eurasian space and supported by many countries, including Russia.

4. 2021. Currently, preparations are underway for the WGA 2021 Games in Russia. Several cities are under consideration. According to the ICAS approved schedule, the WGA Games are held annually in different countries and include competitions in several sports at the same time (at least 5 sports) with the involvement of the number of participants from 500 or more people. The World Games of sports enthusiasts are scheduled for 2022 and plan to bring together up to 5000 participants in 20 sports. This concept does not exclude the possibility of preparing and conducting annual competitions in each country, in each host city, or at different intervals in the specified international format, if such a proposal is received from the host.

International Amateur Games WGA 2021 RUSSIA

Cities under consideration: KAZAN, MOSCOW, S. PETERSBURG, SOCHI