The International Council of Amateur Sport has the following management structure:

Chaiman: President and General Director Mr. Polyushkin Aleksei
Deputy Chaimen: Vice President, Chairman of the Board of Directors Mr. Romanov Alexander
Deputy Chaiman: Vice President, President of ICAS China, Mr. Youbin WEI

The Board of Directors:

Director of Swimming  Mr. Romanov Alexander  Russia
Director of Tennis Mr. Leykov Andrey  Russia
Director of Tennis Mr. Colman Molony Australia
Director of Dragon boats rowing  Mr. Fedorov Igor  Russia
Director of Football / 8×8 / 7×7 / 6×6 / Mr. Smirnov Dmitry  Russia
Director of Futsal / 5×5 / 4×4 / 3×3 /Mr.  Akhumyan Valery Russia
Director of Beach Sports / Volleyball / Mr. Alexandrov Oleg Russia
Director of Table Tennis Mr.  Youbin WEI China