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Location and dates: The venue of the Tournament is Wenzhou International Tennis Center, China, Olympic Sports Center. Address: 20 Minhang Rd, Lucheng Qu, Wenzhou Shi, Zhejiang Sheng, China, 325027, 浙江省 温州 市 鹿城 区 民航 路 20 号 邮政编码: 325027. 2 halls: the main hall with stands for futsal and microfutsal with stands for spectators 5,000 people and an electronic scoreboard, the second hall without stands for spectators, equipped with technical means for recording and displaying the score and playing time.

Start of the Tournament: May 13, 2019, End of the Tournament: October 19, 2019.

Management: Organizing Committee of the Games (OCG), Futsal Devision, Federation International De Futsal y Micro-Futsal FIFUSA.

Registration and Accreditation: Registration for the Tournament is carried out in accordance with the BRWAG 2019 General Provisions of the Games online on the official Games website

Registration start: June 15, 2019

Registration Completion: September 15, 2019

Registration procedure: registration of football teams for the Games is carried out by a single list submitted by the International Federation of Futsal and Micro-Futsal FIFUSA to the Organizing Committee of the Games . Additions and changes in the single list are allowed no later than September 15, 2019.

Application: Each football team should be described in a single list: the name of the team, the country the team represents, the list of team members, including players, coaches, doctors, referees and other team members. The personal data of each team member must be spicified: name and surname, gender, age, country of residence, email address.

The Team must send an Application to the Organizing Committee  of the Games (OCG)  to the address or directly to the FIFUSA.

Accreditation: a mandatory procedure for each team member according to the Regulations on the Games. Accreditation is held from 12 to 13 October 2019. Place of Accreditation: Olympic Sports Center Wenzhou, China, address: 20 Minhang Rd, Lucheng Qu, Wenzhou Shi, Zhejiang Sheng, China, 325027, 浙江省 号 市 鹿城 区 民航 路 20 号 邮政编码: 325027. Accreditation Time: 9 : 00 – 17:00

For accreditation, every team member must have with him/her: an identity document (passport or other identity documents), a photo of 3×4 cm, the original medical insurance policy.

Admission to participation: Players are allowed to compete at least 18 years old. Age is determined at the time of December 31 of the current year.

Each team must pay a single team fee, which includes a package of stay in Wenzhou for the duration of the competition. The amount of the fee is set according to the cost of the selected package to stay. Only teams that have paid a fee of 100% at the time before the end of the registration period are allowed to compete. The Invoice is send to the team after adopting by the FIFUSA and OCG the team Application.

Each team must be accredited by the FIFUSA International Futsal and Mikrofutsal Federation before registering for the Games. To receive accreditation, captains or team representatives must send a request to the representative of the Federation at to receive confirmation and inclusion in the list for registration at the Games.

Format: Teams representing countries participating in the Games take part in competitions of the Games. Participation of club teams in the Micro-futsal tournament is possible.

Futsal competitions: held according to the Futsal Rules.

Competitions on Microfutsal: held according to the Rules on Microfutsal.

Tournament: men teams.

Tournament: women teams.

The Main Futsal Participation Conditions:

  1. The official delegation consists of a maximum of 18 people (12/14 players + 4/2 representatives of the team’s coaching staff, 1 medic (doctor, paramedic or nurse) and 1 arbiter. Players cannot be replaced by managers or other accompanying persons.

2. The nomination of an arbitrator must be approved by the FIFUSA Judges Committee. The arbitrator is a member of the delegation and is accepted on general terms.

3. All members of the delegation must have with them documents proving their identity.

4. All members of the delegation must have sports medical insurance. Team players must have access to a doctor’s games.

5. Each delegation gets to the venue of the competition independently and at its own expense.

6. Teams must make the following payments three months before the start of the competition:

– Participation fee of 500 Euro – at FIFUSA;

– Payment of accommodation package – to the Organizing Committee of the competition.

  The prepayment 50% for the team Package for stay is mandatory before July 01  2019.

 7. Players who are not settled in the hotel provided by FIFUSA are not allowed to participate in competitions. Players who leave the hotel ahead of time are also not allowed to participate in competitions.

8. Drinking alcohol, damage to property, indecent behavior on the territory of the sports complex – a fine of 200 Euros is imposed on the team.

Awards: Cups and medals for 1, 2 and two 3 places for futsal, men and women, and microbutsal are also men and women. Total 4 first places, 4 second, 8 third. 10 personal prizes to the best players in special nominations. Certificates (diplomas) to participants of the competition: to all registered players and team members.


Important: according to the General Provisions of the Games, each athlete would be admitted to the competitions only in case of booking the accommodations proposed by the Packages for Stay. The service of Packages must be paied in advance before the Games. The conditions and options of Packages for Stay you may see here:

The cost for one team consisting from 14 members in 4* hotel by the Terms of Package for Stay is form 4900 USD (FIFUSA FEE of 500 eur per team, visa and the transport to Wenzhou, medical incurance are  not included).


General Provisions BRWAG 2019 (eng)

Waiver Agreement

Games Program (eng)

BRWAG 2019 Regulations Futsal Tournament (eng)




Wenzhou Olympic Center



Before registering for the Games, each team must submit an Application and receive accreditation at the International Futsal and Microfozal Federation of FIFUSA. To receive accreditation, captains or team representatives must send a request to the representative of the Federation at to receive confirmation and inclusion in the list for registration at the Games. The Application states: Team Name, tournament (man or women), country, city, club or corporation that the team represents, name and surname of the Players, captain, judges, doctors and other team members, their gender, age and contact details, the tupe of acommoddations required (hotel, number of rooms dbls and sngls) . Deadlines for consideration of applications: June 15 – September 15, 2019. Address to send an application: